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Hello, I'm Jen, and I'm a flower addict. I live a double life: office job by day and flower farmer by night (well, evenings and weekends mostly). Having been a gardener all my life, in the last couple of years my flower growing habit has got somewhat out of hand, so I started the Bristol Flower Company to share the beauty and bounty with fellow Bristolians.

We provide seasonal bouquets of locally grown, seasonal and sustainable flowers. Our style is informal with a strong emphasis on scented varieties. We grow on a small scale in the heart of Bristol and can deliver bouquets across the city from April to October.

Read on to discover more about our growing philosophy...


People are familiar with the concept of food miles, but what about flower miles? Commercially produced flowers are grown using intensive production methods in Europe, Africa and even further afield. They must travel by air due to their perishable nature and reach the end consumer, you, days after they were originally picked.


We pick our flowers to order, the day before delivery and are allowed to have a good drink overnight to ensure they reach you in peak condition and stay fresh for as long as possible. They then travel just a few miles to your door, meaning their carbon footprint is minuscule compared to any imported bunch.

Why Local Mattes


Nature is pretty amazing. When left to its own devices it always finds a balance. Too many greenfly? More ladybirds arrive as if by magic. A patch of bare soil? Weeds pop up to protect it. But modern farming methods aim to maximise production, often of just one crop, which keeps nature off balance. Soil becomes depleted, habitats disappear and biodiversity diminishes.


We grow a wide range of flowers to make our bouquets and always leave a share for nature, meaning our little patch is home to a huge range of insects and wildlife. We focus on feeding the soil naturally, which encourages healthy plants that can defend themselves against pests and diseases. We don't use any nasty chemicals which is not only good for nature but also means your flowers are safe for you and your family.

Growing with nature


Mass flower production uses a staggering amount of plastic, from plastic wrapping and ribbon, plastic pots, trays, labels... the list is almost endless. 

We aim to minimise the amount of plastic we use and the waste we produce. Our bouquets are wrapped in biodegradable packaging that can be recycled or added to your compost heap, right down to our plant-based sellotape!

We do use plastic pots to start our plants but they are high quality and can be reused for many years, no single-use plastic here. All of our green waste, including any unsold flowers, are used to make our own compost which is fed back into the soil to help produce healthy plants.

Respecting the seasons


Just as strawberries taste best when picked straight from the plant in the June sunshine, flowers are at their best when flowering in their natural season.

Commercial growers rely on artificial heat and light to produce perfect flowers all year round before soaking them in preservatives to ensure they survive the long journey to supermarkets and florists.

We sow and grow our flowers in their natural seasons, which uses fewer resources and means bouquets are created with the best of the season, from the anemones and ranunculus of spring to the stunning dahlias of high summer.

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