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March - Spring is springing at last!

Regardless of the weather and world events, spring is, fortunately, unstoppable.

Slowly but surely

At times it felt as though the rain would never end through February and March, but the plot has carried on gently rolling into spring regardless! The spring equinox has just passed, meaning the days are now longer than the nights and everything is slowly turning green again.

We are harvesting our first few flowers! So far we've had a handful of Anemones and Iceland Poppies but the plants are getting bigger by the day and will soon be in full swing. The Ranunculus in our greenhouse and outside in our fleece tunnels are starting to bud up nicely and we're keeping everything crossed for a bumper harvest.

New horizons

I have finally signed on the dotted line for an additional patch of land which means we've doubled our growing space for the season! This is hugely exciting and means that I can now cram in most of the amazing flowers that I want to grow (though still not all!).

We operate a no-dig system on our plots meaning the soil structure is less disturbed and beneficial microbes are allowed to flourish. This ultimately promotes healthier plants and more abundant flowers. In line with this system, the beds on the new plot will be covered with a thick layer of cardboard followed by an even thicker layer of organic soil improver. We'll then let everything settle for a couple of months before planting, allowing time for the worms to do the hard work of digging it in.

Too many Dahlias?

Heading up the long list are more than 20 new dahlia varieties which I can't wait to share with you. These will be potted up at the end of this month to start them into life before they're planted out into the new plot in late May/early June.

Below are some of the beauties we're looking forward to seeing in July and August:

Top row (left to right) - Yvonne, Labyrinth, Sweet Nathalie

Bottom row (left to right) - Linda's Baby, Caramel Antique, Nicholas

(Images courtesy of Rose Cottage Plants - A fantastic source for dahlia tubers!)

We'll let you know when our flowers are available to buy via the website, hopefully by the end of April if the weather is kind! We'll be offering mixed bouquets for delivery across Bristol as well as single variety bouquets of some favourites.

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